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Classic massage

Recovery massage, which relaxes the muscles, improves flexibility and relaxes the body. The session improves blood circulation and relieves stress.

Relaxing massage 

The session improves blood circulation, eliminates fatigue, muscle tension and releases energy channels. Point massage improves overall health and soothes the psyche.

Deep massage 

Favorably relieves pain and stress. It acts on the deep layers of muscle and connective tissue, enhances blood circulation and improves lymph flow. It is recommended for high level of stress, complete discomfort and as a prevention.

Triple action massage 

Highly effective, deep tissue healing massage through a combination of various massage techniques, followed by stretching and purifying and harmonizing the energy channels.

Hawaiian Massage 

A magnificent massage with lomi-lomi techniques and fragrant oils that relaxes the body and mind, giving it a lavish fragrance, leaving skin silky smooth.

Honey detoxification therapy 

Healing warm relaxing massage with pure, natural honey. Tones the whole body, purifies and achieves a sense of health, ease and pleasure.

Cosmetic facial massage

Face massage improves skin color and turgidity and slows down the aging process. The flow of blood and lymph is improved, the facial massage has a lifting effect. And of course, massage affects the nervous system – eliminating emotional tension and other effects of stress. It produces endorphins – it elevates mood, improves sleep and overall disposition.

Wine therapy 

Powerful antioxidant therapy that provides maximum protection against free radicals, the result of polluted air, cigarette smoke and stress. Prevents water retention and is very effective in combating cellulite. It removes toxins and dross, enhances the skin’s immunity and protective functions. As a result, the body and mind are relaxed, the skin is perfectly clear and silky soft.

Massage “Bulgarian Rose”

Deep massage with highly concentrated rose oil that saturates the tissues with oxygen, strengthens the antioxidant system of the body, removes tension and negative energy from the body, relaxes muscles and tissues.

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