Nessebar is a town, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site for good reason. A town that finds a place in the heart and remains forever there…

The traditions of Nessebar are in everything – from the ancient history of the area to its contemporary appearance as one of the best tourist destinations along the Black Sea Coast.

In the old part of the town there are about 40 churches dating from different ages. It is no coincidence that Nessebar is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. It is the richest in architectural monuments of the medieval towns in Bulgaria.

Today, the old town is an attractive place for romantic walks along the narrow cobblestone streets, past small shops offering handmade souvenirs – ceramics, knits and jewelry. The wonderful historical atmosphere of the town is a guarantee for an unforgettable holiday.

Discover Bulgaria

Bulgaria is attractive for holiday and visits all year around because of its beautiful nature, favorable climate, amazing cultural heritage and folklore. We invite you for a trip!

We present some ideas for unforgettable excursions around the beauties of Bulgaria:

Mud baths with healing lye in Burgas and Pomorie

Mud baths are a wonderful opportunity to spend a day outdoors in the healing SPA. Whether you choose Burgas or Pomorie does’t matter.
It is important to get to the lye, which has been known for its healing properties for many years and cures over 90 types of diseases. What better combination of sun, sea beaches and miraculous mud.


The Thracian sanctuary Beglik Tash

Not so far from Primorsko, in the forests of Strandzha, on the ridge of Maslen Nos, hides a sanctuary bequeathed to us by the Thracians – Beglik Tash.
Sundial, calendar and temple – the Thracian sanctuary still hides its magic. According to radiologists, the sanctuary is one of the communication centers with the cosmos.


Sofia – Plovdiv – Rila Monastery

A walk in the old town of Plovdiv.
A visit to the main sights in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria.
Rila Monastery – the largest and most beautiful monastery in Bulgaria, an excellent example of Bulgarian Revival architecture.


Sofia – Rila Monastery – Rupite

A walk through the main sights of the capital.
A visit to the Rila Monastery – the largest and most beautiful monastery on the territory of the country.
Rupite – a village surrounded by the mystical energy of the Prophet Vanga, who chose to spend the last days of her life there.


The Bulgarian capital Sofia

Sightseeing of the magnificent temple-monument: Alexander Nevski – one of the symbols of the capital of Bulgaria.
Walking tour in the central part of the Bulgarian capital – its administrative, political, historical and cultural center.
Shopping on the iconic Vitosha Boulevard.


Bulgarian strongholds – Veliko Tarnovo and Arbanassi

Veliko Tarnovo – the old capital of Bulgaria.
Tsarevets fortress – a stroll through the medieval fortress walls and the palace testifies to the glory of the former Bulgarian Kingdom.
Visit to the village of Arbanassi – architectural reserve, favorite summer residence of high-ranking personalities.


Veliko Tarnovo – Etara – Gabrovo – Sokolski Monastery

Sightseeing of the historical architectural and museum reserve “Tsarevets”.
A visit to the Etara Ethnographic Complex, a unique open-air museum with the status of one of the best organized gatherings of its kind in Europe.
The Sokol Monastery “Uspenie Bogorodichno” – a functioning maiden monastery that will emotionally recharge you and you will remember it.


The Valley of the Roses – Kazanlak and Shipka

Kazanlak – the capital of the famous Rose Valley. A visit to an ethnographic complex introducing the traditional process of distilling rose oil.
A visit to the Memorial Church in Shipka village in honor of those that lost their lives in the Russian-Turkish War for Liberation.
A visit to Etara – an open-air ethnographic museum with the status of one of the best organized gatherings of its kind in Europe.


Plovdiv – Bachkovo Monastery

Bachkovo Monastery – the second largest monastery in Bulgaria, known by the Miraculous Icon of the Virgin Mary of Vlacherna.
Plovdiv – one of the oldest European cities, older than Rome and Athens, and a contemporary of Troy.


The other Bulgaria – Zheravna

A scenic trip through the slopes of the mountain Stara Planina.
Visit to Zheravna, which has preserved many architectural ensembles from the 18th to the 19th century.
The Nature Reserve “Sinite skali” – a unique beauty with the opportunity to walk with an outdoor chair lift.


The island of the healer St. Anastasia and the city of Bourgas

The island, which bears the name of the legendary healer, revered by the Christian and Catholic Church, St Anastasia will fascinate you with its incredible beauty and hospitality.
A walk in the central part of Bourgas and the wonderful sea garden will bring you unforgettable emotions, you will feel the rhythm and soul of the sea town.


Black Sea Riviera – Varna and Aladzha

A scenic trip along the northern coast through the slopes of the mountain Stara Planina.
A visit to the Aladja rock monastery from the 13th century, situated in a picturesque area.
Varna – the maritime capital of Bulgaria, a modern city with a rich cultural calendar. Here is located Festa Dolphinarium, which is a one-of-a-kind attraction and the only one on the Balkans.


Imperial shores – Balchik and Kaliakra

The heart of Balchik – the Botanical Gardens and the summer palace of the Romanian Queen Maria, known as the Quiet Nest.
Cape Kaliakra – a place of dramatic events over the centuries. Cape Kaliakra is a rocky peninsula that extends outward into the sea. There are many natural caves around it that look like rooms.


Kamchia and Pobiti Kamani

A scenic trip along the coast to Kamchia Nature Reserve – a boat trip along one of the most beautiful rivers in the country, whose inaccessible shores are encircled by thick vegetation like an impenetrable jungle.
A visit to the natural phenomenon “Pobiti Kamani” – a walk among the quaint stone columns, rising to a height of 7 meters and resembling a stone forest.



Ravadinovo is the place where the unique castle “In love with the wind” stands majestically. This Bulgarian attraction is ranked 4th in Europe by the international organization “Best Destinations of Europe”.
Sozopol is situated on a picturesque peninsula. With its Archeological Museum, Thracian tombstones, ancient necropolises and fortress walls, Sozopol is a place where you can literally travel in the past.


Romantic South Beach – Sozopol – Ropotamo

Sozopol – through the winding streets of the Old Town and with a visit to the church “Sveta Bogoroditsa” dating back to 18th-19th century with a beautiful carved iconostasis, you can literally travel in the past.
Fairytale beauty – a boat trip along the beautiful Ropotamo River, whose mouth is declared a nature reserve. It is definitely one of the most beautiful places on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast.


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